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WindEnergy Hamburg

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Demography study for technical professions

Cooperation with the Goethe University Frankfurt and the DVGW

Demographic change will lead to considerable upheavals in the labour market in the coming years, especially in the technical professions. In the study, we examine in which areas special bottlenecks are to be expected and which options for action companies have. Results are expected in the summer of 2022.

Dr. Sven Orlowski, Managing Director of EWE Trading

Digitalisation in energy trading

"Digitisation is ultimately a leveller that makes complex and highly scalable technology and concepts available to everyone – often at very manageable costs. Especially for smaller companies, this offers the potential to catch up to large ones, e.g. through a clever choice of partners...”

Read our interview with Dr. Sven Orlowski in full here (in German)

Online tool: Compare your salary

Energy Compensation Calculator

How much does an area manager for sales working in municipal utilities earn? How much does a specialist in energy trading or in project planning for renewable energy plants cost? What influence does education or experience – for example – have on salary? Find out with just a few clicks.

To the compensation calculator site (in German)