Aptitude diagnostics

We offer our customers a wide range of instruments in aptitude diagnostics, from the online test procedure to the planning and implementation of complex assessment centres.  


Recognising potential

The classic ‘unstructured’ job interview is overrated at best. It suggests a confidence in the hiring decision that does not really exist in that form. The result is often poor recruitment decisions, which not only have a financial impact, but also affect the performance and the working atmosphere of the company. On the other hand, suitability diagnostic instruments and procedures create clarity, comparability and transparency in the application process. This makes sense not only when companies want to fill critical positions externally, but also for internal recruitment in particular.

Scientific diagnostics instead of a gut feeling

We only use standardised, tested and reproducible methods of personnel diagnostics that have been well proven in practice. All our partners are trained in the application of the Bochum inventory for job-related personality description (BIP). In addition, we draw on the expertise of employees with an aptitude diagnostic license according to DIN33430 (License E). Due to the transparency and comparability of the results obtained, there are not only great reliability values for the examination results, but also a high degree of acceptance on the part of the applicants.

In addition to tests, our standardised aptitude diagnostic procedures for personnel selection also include the implementation of assessment centres, management audits and computer-simulated scenarios for testing the candidate's problem-solving skills. All these procedures are tailored to the specific framework conditions of your company and are part of our professional profiling, at the end of which the requirements and candidate profile are compared with each other. All with one goal: the perfect match.

Your contact person for aptitude diagnostics
Ralf Sundermeier, Psychologist
Ralf Sundermeier, Psychologist
Head of aptitude diagnostics
Florian Heilmann, M.Sc. Psychology
Florian Heilmann, M.Sc. Psychology
Senior Consultant