Information for applicants

Questions and answers

Do applicants incur costs for cooperating with us?
No, our fee is always paid by the companies that commission us. The costs for your job interviews are usually paid directly by our customers. If you need a flight and a hotel, please contact us in advance. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

What documents do I need for my initial contact with Callidus Energie?
In principle, you do not need any documents to initially exchange information with one of our consultants without obligation. However, it makes sense to send your CV when you first contact us. In the further course of the application, we will need additional certificates and references from you; you are also welcome to send us these as part of the initial contact.

Do you forward my application documents unsolicited?
No. We are aware of the confidentiality of your desire to change jobs, and maintain the strictest discretion. We will therefore only forward your documents with your express permission and in close consultation with you.

When will I know the name of your client?
We ask for your understanding that, depending on the sensitivity of the position to be filled, we are often, but not always, able to name our client at the beginning of the cooperation with you. Of course, we point out possible conflicts of interest and observe your stated ‘blocked’ companies.

Will your information be treated confidentially?
Yes, that goes without saying. This means, in particular, that we only pass on personal information after consulting with you and do not obtain references without your prior consent. Furthermore, on request, we will also present you to our client anonymously. For further information, please refer to our privacy policy.

Can I have my data that is stored with you deleted?
The storage of your personal data and job-related objectives enables us to approach you specifically for suitable positions. Of course, we respect your wishes and will delete all your data stored with us on request.

Our way of working

Every applicant has different prerequisites, requirements and goals with regard to a career change. As a sparring partner, we support you throughout the entire application process, from goal setting to integration into your new position. Working confidentially is our top priority.

The first step is to contact one of our specialised consultants. Either we will contact you as part of a direct search of a client. Or you apply for a position advertised by us. In this case, we will evaluate your documents and give you some initial feedback.

In the subsequent consultation, we will get an initial sense of you as a person. Together with you, we’ll define your objectives and discuss current and future career prospects. We are also happy to provide information on your positioning or a possible optimisation of your application documents.

In the third step – and only by prior arrangement – we present your documents to the previously determined potential employers. To prepare for interviews, we will provide you with comprehensive background information about the company and the position to be filled.

We are also there for you after a successful placement. We support you in the contract negotiations and keep in touch with you during the first months to ensure your smooth integration into the new company.