Compensation consulting

The right compensation model is a decisive means of attracting, motivating and retaining talent in the company.

Most companies use total compensation concepts and performance-based compensation as a means to maximise the equivalent value of their remuneration expenses and to optimally utilise employee potential.

Compare, adjust and communicate salary structures

The success of a new compensation model depends on its design, implementation and communication. We accompany you in the conception and implementation of strategic management and compensation systems, from modular individual components to the overall compensation strategy. For our solutions, we rely on sound market data. At the same time, we provide our clients in the energy industry with the tools that provide them with a reliable and well-founded basis for action, not only during, but especially after the project phase. We won’t just give you a fish – we’ll teach you to fish, as the proverb goes. We’ll give you autonomy in terms of compensation strategy. If you no longer need us, then we’ve done our job well.

On this basis, we make our consulting processes both transparent and sustainable. We have set ourselves the goal of generating tailor-made solutions that consistently implement the concerns of our customers. Our results are measurable and of high quality. We help you to find the right balance between a structured management of compensation costs and sufficient flexibility to facilitate talent management and career development. We are here to help you with the following topics, among others:


  • Implementation of salary benchmarks
  • Development of compensation systems
  • Advice on bonus and incentive structures
  • Job evaluation (job grading)
Your contact person for compensation consulting
Jonathan Lichter
Jonathan Lichter
Managing Director

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