Our mission

The human factor

The energy industry is facing immense challenges. It has to master the conversion to a renewable, decentralised energy supply. It must drive digitalisation forward and take advantage of its opportunities with a view to innovative customer solutions and efficiency improvements. It will have to cope with increasingly volatile energy trading markets. And we have no choice but to adapt to changing customer expectations. All this with decreasing revenue paths in the networks. Some, in response to all these requirements, consider, first of all, technical solutions. This is not wrong. But not completely thought through. We see that one thing is needed first and foremost in the creative processing of this long to-do list: the right people.

Good managers in companies have always been important. But never to the same extent as today. Finding the right people, winning them over and keeping them in the company for the long term is anything but a trivial task. It requires expertise as well as empathy. At the very beginning, when it comes to translating the client's problem into a search profile. And then later, when it is necessary to find exactly the right person for the position you are looking for. And to inspire both: the customer as well as the candidate. Not scary. But sustainable.

The path from the requirements profile to the perfect match takes diligence and creativity, as well as tenacity. You also need a systematic approach and in-depth methodological knowledge of selecting employees. And without the ability to constantly stay up-to-date, it’s all impossible anyway. Because best practice is always past practice. The challenges are great. But they can't shock us. On the contrary: Every day we look forward to finding that needle in the haystack. And thereby helping shape the change in the energy industry.