Specialized recruitment consultancy

Our core competence is the search for and selection of management staff and experienced experts. We fill positions at all stages of the value creation chain in the energy sector. Whether it is a matter of confidentially filling a management position, developing a new business area or searching for experts with specific energy sector related knowledge, there are many reasons for commissioning us.

To ensure the best possible recruiting results we leave nothing to chance. When it comes to finding suitable candidates, we rely on more than just our existing network, posting job ads or the use of social networks. As part of the direct search, our staff performs a targeted search for candidates that are not found in any database.

Potential candidates are only ever approached and selected via the partner managing the project. In the course of semi-structured interviews, he or she puts together a comprehensive picture of a candidate’s skills, personality and motivation. On request, we conduct suitability diagnostics and coach our clients in leading effective interviews. To back up the recruitment decision, we check the candidates’ references and supervise both the contract negotiations and the process of integration into the new position.

Aptitude tesing

Suitability diagnostics are essential in order to avoid costly bad investments in personnel.


Compensation consulting

Our services range from individual expert reports to the development of compensation systems.


Employer branding

We help you influence both your external and internal attractiveness.