Spezialized Recruitment Consultancy

The energy sector is changing - the pressure for change has never been greater and the search for business models that are successful in the long term has never been more difficult. After hundreds of successful mandates, we are familiar with both the traditional energy sector and the renewable energy sector with all its peculiarities.

WirtschaftsWoche, one of the leading business magazines in Germany, surveyed more than 1,250 companies about their experiences with recruitment consultants. Awareness and customer satisfaction were taken into consideration for the ranking. We are proud to have been ranked as one of the 35 leading recruitment consultancies in Germany. And we are the only consultancy that specialises exclusively in the energy sector. Many thanks to all of our customers and the participants in the survey for their confidence in our work!

Compensation in the energy sector

A study on compensation structures, the labour market and careers in the energy sector. In scientific collaboration with Prof. Dr. Heinz-J. Bontrup of the Westfälische Hochschule (Westphalian Technical College).

The study is based on a large-scale salary survey of specialists and managers, socio-economic data, end-of-year reports, current research findings and interviews with board members from the energy sector. The study was published in February 2017 and contains 56 pages as well as 23 tables and charts. Based on the study, a free salary calculator was developed that is specifically tailored to the energy sector.