Employer branding

An employer brand exists. Whether you like it or not. A company’s workplace reality already becomes known to the public when friends chat about their work in the evening. The question of how to conquer the hearts of candidates and employees is becoming increasingly important for many companies.

The energy sector has among the highest average employee age of all industries. Although the “war for talent” may not yet have broken out on all fronts, the shortage of specialists is already clearly noticeable in the technical area. If you want to avoid having to choose from what is left over on the labour market in the future, you have to give some thought to your attractiveness as an employer.

We help companies influence both their external and internal attractiveness. In doing so, we deliberately do not see ourselves as a full service provider. Instead, we take a very pragmatic approach: it does not generally make a lot of sense for small and medium-sized companies to invest huge sums in their employer brand.

Our experience has shown that often simple and targeted measures can already produce the desired result. Minimal effort for maximum effect. That saves recruiting costs while increasing your chances of attracting just the right kind of employees. And that’s what it’s all about in the end.